Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Street Fairs

Reason number 41,328 why I love New York: Street Fairs.

I was wandering on Saturday taking pictures of flowers (wow, I hadn't heard myself say that out loud until now. I swear it's better than how that sounds. Or maybe not. Whatever. Don't judge me) when I ran into a street fair. Sixth Avenue was shut down from 31st Street all the way down to 23rd. Lots of music, crafts, clothes, and carnival food. I felt like this table was straight out of an Indian marketplace with all the spices:

I've never seen so many before. Very cool. But of all the things available in the 8 blocks of randomness, I decided to get something that I've never seen available in New York City: Fried Oreos. Oh my gosh. Have you had fried oreos? They're SO GOOD. I bought a bunch and shared them with Isa when she got off of work. LOVE THEM! We first had them in Canada at the Calgary Stampede last summer. Here's a little unedited clip that never made it to YouTube of our first taste of fried oreos:

Normally they're completely covered in powdered sugar and they're even better. Oh, and if you're wondering why we're wearing cowboy hats, read about our fun times at the Stampede!

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