Saturday, August 27, 2011

Potbelly Star Cookies, I Orange NY, Aquarium Peeing, and some Tunes

This post is made-up of completely random photos from our life.
(and a couple song recommendations)

1. I worked at Potbelly this summer for awhile, but alas, the day would come when that would end. That day was Friday, August 19th. I was asked to bake some cookies. Usually, they are just giant round-ish cookies. Instead, I made a couple stars, a heart, and a square :)

2. My old roommate, Gabriella came and stayed with us this spring. To put it nicely, she thought our shower curtain was a little too old. Being the wonderful person she is, she sent us a new one! And weirdly enough, the best way to photograph the colours was via the mirror. Anyway, WE LOVE IT. There's a window behind it and when the lights off, the daylight shines behind it and lights up the bathroom in a gorgeous aquamarine/teal colour. It's like peeing in an aquarium.

3. This is a package/letter I picked up from Fedex. It took 3 weeks to get it (after they had just previously lost another package). I just wanted to share the craziness of this over-done mailing. (It has a post-it on it!)

4. Tropicana is doing promotional work throughout the City. I got a free orange juice (or two). I love NY.

5. We've started making our own croutons! Olive Oil, Italian Seasoning, Garlic Salt/Powder, Parmesan Cheese. Delish. So much better than store bought and cheaper!

6. This is how Brian was considering going to work last Friday.
(one leg ironed, one not. I had to add this explanation because Brian didn't understand)

And here is a list of the songs I'm addicted to right now:

1. Faster by Matt Nathanson
2. Right Here by Heyhihello
3. Wizard Love by Heyhihello (This one is best for Harry Potter fans)
4. I Do by Colbie Caillat
5. Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We Haven't Posted in Awhile


Brian is still working the same 9-5 job in the CancerCare CoPay division. (9-5, crazy, right!?)
Isa is working at Potbelly Sandwich Shop on Maiden Lane. Not good pay, but fun job for the summer. She just finished her summer classes. AND she just got an internship at RumbaTime starting in two weeks! She's stoked.

Church BBQ last Saturday had Brian playing baseball for a good 2.5 hours only to end in an extremely sunburnt face and back of neck. Isa has a gladiator sandal tan on her feet. Brisa made a mix of Strawberry, Raspberry, and Orange jello with pineapple and mandarin oranges in it (delish)...needless to say, in the sun it melted.

Brisa went to Harry Potter 7 and loved it! Isa feels like her childhood has ended and was much sadder than expected when the movie was over (her heart sank). But is super excited to have a HP marathon someday.

Brian has a super duper idea for a NYC phone app. He is currently reading a "for Dummies" book on developing. He will not however discuss the idea on the world wide web for fear of it being stolen (it's THAT super).

Brian built an extension to our counter. It's wonderful. (He'll probably post on this).

Brisa went camping with Chris Ciccotelli, Maryellen, Greg and Rich Dool at North/South Lake a couple weeks ago and had a great time hiking, though Isa twisted her ankle on the way down the mountain and was walking funky for a few days (she's all better now).

Brisa got called to teach the Primary 7 class, so basically we have our Cub Scouts in class and then the girls too. They are wonderful students and a lot of fun to teach.

Brisa is still doing Cub Scouts. Slowly, but surely, things are getting more organized. Currently planned is another swimming trip/sports day and fishing! (But still not a chartered pack...)

Reason for no posts
Brian gets off work at 5pm, Isa starts 4pm. Brisa doesn't see eachother much during the week and Saturday's have been busy so we haven't been going on a lot of adventures or have many good stories to tell.

But summer is good. Using the AC is wonderful :)

Jordan, this is totally for you! But it was much needed :) We send our love from NYC


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