Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Earth Friday

I don't see what the problem is. We can have two holidays on the same day. Good Friday being the day Jesus died, and Earth Day, I suppose, being the day the Earth was born (April 22 seems like as good a birthday as any). Look how well they go together:

I read a lot of posts and status updates today about people complaining that everyone was talking about Earth Day and nobody was focusing on Jesus or remembering that he atoned for our sins today. But honestly, do we ever focus enough on the Savior? Don't we hear the same thing every Christmas? "It's too commercial... Remember the reason for the season..." I think it's kind of a joke that some people only go to church on Christmas and Easter. It's like only telling your wife "I love you" on Valentine's Day and her birthday. It takes a little more consistency to prove that you really mean it. If you really want to show your love for the Savior, keep His commandments every day.

So who cares if you didn't post on Facebook that you were thinking about Jesus? How are we to know they're not saying a silent prayer? I thought about Earth Day more than Good Friday today. Does that make me a bad Christian? What if I told you my wife and I went to the Temple last night? Would that change your opinion? Surely, showing your love for the Savior means much more than merely professing it, and doing something for Earth Day is a perfect way to show you care.

So it's awesome that so many people are thinking about Earth Day. I mean, who gave us the earth? If we take care of it, it's showing Jesus our gratitude for His gift to us. To me, it's great that Earth Day and Good Friday fell on the same day this year. What better way to show our love for Jesus than by renewing our efforts to live a greener lifestyle, which blesses the lives and well-being of everyone on earth? We're doing a huge service to all mankind, and to the wonderful world He's created for us.

We love trees here in the City. :)

What I don't understand is how we can have two holidays on the same day, one of them religious and the other one a global holiday, and yet I still had to go to work today. :(

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