Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flowers Everywhere

My office is on 25th Street at 7th Ave, right on the edge of Chelsea. Just a few blocks up from there (28th Street) is the Flower District. I like this street. It makes me think of a mini Park Avenue.

It's like this on both sides of the sidewalk for pretty much the entire block. It's also the only place in Manhattan that I know of that you can find real palm trees.

Sometimes I walk through here on my way to Madison Square Park during my lunch breaks. I like it. It's relaxing. And I wanted to share it with you, which is why I said I was taking pictures of flowers yesterday.

Anyway, I kept wandering up to Macy's in Herald Square because they were having their annual flower show, and I love how they deck out the store and the front windows and entrance.

Macy's Main Entrance - Those are all real flowers
By the way, do you know how patient I had to be to get that picture with nobody in it? I honestly waited about 25 minutes for a 3 second window where nobody was coming in or going out or standing in the way taking their own pictures. So I hope you really like and appreciate that picture.

The theme this year was "Towers of Flowers." This was the display as soon as you walk into the store. So if you have an opportunity next year, you should go to Macy's Flower Show. Because it's awesome.

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