Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Have Pets

Did I write Pets? or Pests? What would you consider these little guys?

We live in the Bronx, and inherent in that is our co-existence with mice. Isa and I don't mind the mice scampering around the apartment. They're actually kinda fun to see dart from behind the radiator and then disappear behind the TV. Or pop their cute little noses out of the stove and peek around. We think of them more as pets than pests. That is, until they start pooping on everything. That's just uncalled for. And they gotta go.

So we bought traps, against Isa's wishes. (She hates it when I kill anything. Even spiders. I'm supposed to "catch and release" those. I can only kill cockroaches. Because cockroaches are gross and scary.) But much to her satisfaction and my dismay, we have Ninja Mice. Each night I would set the traps, and each morning they would still be set, but the peanut butter/bread/crouton would be completely gone. And when I would test the trap, it would catch me just fine. Ouch. One time, they even stole one of our traps. We eventually found it pushed all the way to the wall in back of the stove.

I looked online and tried all sorts of different traps, but the mice outsmarted each one of them. Sometimes, I would stay up and sit in the kitchen and watch as they outsmarted the traps (they don't mind me watching as long as I don't move). Seriously, they're amazingly talented little critters. So we eventually bought "Live Traps" that catch the mice without killing them:

When they step on the platform in the center, the doors close.
Once they're trapped, I'm suppose to bring them to the park a few blocks from our apartment and release them into the "wild." These traps have worked relatively well, as I've relocated at least a whole family by now.

You can see his little mouse nose poking out.
I'm not sure how many are left, but I know there are at least two playing in the kitchen as I'm writing this blog post (for Ninja mice, they're not always very quiet).

Do you have mice? What have you done to get rid of them?

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  1. Eww! I hate mice! But brinton had a soft spot for the babies who were living off us for months and let them go once he caught them (ridiculous!). We got sticky traps that they just happen to walk on and get stuck on, but don't die. Your wife might like this option since you can let them go...

  2. I've always used humane traps - they work much better, in my opinion, than kill traps, and have the added bonus of zero guilt. In fact, while a kill trap can leave a nasty pit of black despair sitting in the stomach while you weigh the loss of tiny animal life against your own comfort, releasing a mouse from a live trap will leave you with a warm, satisfied glow. Ah, I, the benevolent ruler of my domain, have triumphed with kindness.

    1. Hi! Yeah, we liked the live traps much better until this...

      Then we just decided to starve them by cleaning the kitchen a little more often and being very careful of crumbs.


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