Monday, April 18, 2011


Isa and I love to stay home and watch movies (we love Netflix!) and play games. Our game of choice, as long as we have the time, is Monopoly.

Do you play by the official rules? We don't. First and foremost, Free Parking gets you all the money in the middle of the board (any taxes, fees from Chance/Community Chest, get-out-of-jail money, etc) plus the $500 that we throw in there to start off the pot. I thought that was part of the game, but according to the rules, Free Parking gets you nothing. It's just a free spot. Who actually plays like that? Do you?

Second, when we run out of hotels and/or houses, we don't stop building. We improvise.

And let's be honest, if there were actually a Starburst Hotel, wouldn't you want to stay there?

And third, to speed up the bankruptcy of the other players, we don't stop at one hotel. For example, Isa finally lost a few weeks ago because she landed on North Carolina with two hotels and three houses, which costs $3450 a night (hotels = $1275 each, plus 3 houses = $900).

And as karma would have it, Isa beat me last night when I landed on her North Carolina, where she had built one hotel and four houses (for $2375).

What's your favorite board game? Do you have any other house rules for Monopoly?

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  1. Brian, I'm sad you two don't live closer... we have a lot in common. Mostly Brinton and I play Scrabble and I get really annoyed with him because he knows all these words that I think are made up but really he's just smart and they are words I've never heard. I think a trip to NYC is in order soon... can we shack up with your mice? :)

  2. You can crash at our place any time you come to New York. For sure. And don't worry about the mice, we haven't seen them in days. Maybe we got them all. :) We wish we lived closer too - we need married friends to hang out with. :)


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