Friday, April 1, 2011

New York City in the Springtime

I love New York City in the Springtime:
Flowers blooming. Birds singing. Nice warm weather.

This was the scene outside my office window this morning. That's snow. I really thought we were done with winter. I thought we were done two weeks ago when it was 75 degrees and sunny. And all of Manhattan celebrated by going to Shake Shack:

We didn't end up eating there because I only have an hour for lunch. But I promise, Shake Shack will be featured in one of our "We Like to Eat" posts. Soon.

But that 75 degree weather was short-lived, because this was the scene just a few days later:

And it still hasn't risen above the mid-50's since that one glorious day two weeks ago. Mother nature is just being mean.

My two favorite status updates recently:
  • Snow on opening day of baseball season! I'm pretty sure a few years ago Al Gore assured me winters wouldn't even exist anymore.
  • Never trust a groundhog.
So what is your favorite season? Mine is Summer. And you'll see why in a few months with all the fun stuff New York has to offer in the Summer, from outdoor concerts in the morning to movies in Bryant Park to street festivals and parties. Which start tomorrow, btw.

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  1. Tornado!!! Best storms...wildflowers and cool weather before the summer heat comes. :) I love the Shake Shack too...

  2. I would LOVE to see tornados! Maybe we should come visit you guys. When is Tornado Season?

  3. Brisa...thats cool. Its way cooler than Brangelina. Nice.

  4. Would you guys be Jaysty? Like tasty but with a J? Yeah.


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