Saturday, April 30, 2011

Revlon Run/Walk

Isa and I woke up before the sun this morning, and we found ourselves in Times Square at 6:45am. Do you realize how early that is? We haven't been up at that hour since our trip to Australia, and that time it was forced upon us. Needless to say, we are not morning people.

But we did it today for several reasons. The main one, I guess, is to cure cancer. But seeing Matthew Bomer (from White Collar) and Jessica Alba (:)) - it's hard to put a smiley face in parenthesis - but anyway, seeing all the celebrities and all-you-can-eat Dunkin Donuts and lots of free shwag, all that stuff helped too. But still, it was early. And cold. (And my phone said the weather was going to be "Sunny and Delightful." Have you ever heard a weather report say delightful?)

Isa and I participated in the 14th annual Revlon Run/Walk to help cure breast cancer. It's a 5k trek from Times Square up through Central Park, with lots of festivities before and after the race. It ended up being a good thing we got there so early, because we were front row at the stage to see all the celebrities, with 25,000 people standing behind us.

I took pictures of all the celebrities, which were too many to put them all in here (they're all on my facebook album, if you want to see them) but here's the list:
  • Karen Duffy (ex-MTV vj), 
  • Matt Bomer (Neil Caffrey from White Collar - Isa's not-so-secret crush)
  • Dr. OZ (who, it turns out, is a real doctor, although he also plays one on TV)
  • Nate Berkus (something about interior design and Oprah - I think he's the male version of Martha Stewart)
  • Jessica Beil
  • With musical guest, Keyshia Cole
  • Jimmy Fallon!! (hysterical)
  • and Jessica Alba (who I didn't realize I had a crush on until I saw her and freaked out like a little girl who just saw Justin Bieber, especially when she looked straight at me and melted my heart:)
My zoom isn't very good, but she's definitely looking at me.
Or at the teleprompter above my head. But I think it was me.
And I guess, to be fair, because this is everything Brisa, not just about me, here's Matt Bomer:

I didn't zoom in on him.
Jimmy Fallon led us in a countdown to the start of the race, and confetti cannons went off and soon the whole square looked like a party:

It really was incredible to see this many people walking.

And people were still crossing the finish line 25 minutes later.

After the race, we wandered around the bandstand area of Central Park and picked up free Veggie Chips, Pop Chips (soo good!), Hint Water, lipstick, pens, and lots of other random stuff. And then we happened upon a secret area labeled "Survivors." Which, you probably don't know because I rarely tell anybody, I am. This secret area gave us totebags, a rose, chocolate-filled croisants, cereal, granola bars, and even more goodies, our favorite being these expensively delicious cupcakes:

Yeah, so overall, it was a pretty good morning. And hopefully the donations given today will help find a cure for cancer (have you heard about Halaven, btw? Pretty exciting stuff!)

If you'd like to donate, click this link. Or just text WALK to 50555 to donate $10 to fight women's cancers. 

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