Thursday, April 21, 2011

Evann and Mom

Evann and her mom are in New York City for a few days and Isa and I met up with them today for lunch. All morning I thought, "Awesome, I can post about Evann tonight. We'll go out to eat, we'll take a picture, I'll write about it." We chatted and had a good time and all, but we all forgot to take a picture. So I scoured her facebook and stole my favorite:

Evann is awesome. She was one of my interns in Del Sol Juneau. She's gone on to work in Key West and Savannah, GA. She's so much fun to hang out with. One of my favorite hikes in Juneau was with her and Kendra up to the ice caves:

So... Lunch! We went to Cosi. We love Cosi!! I usually get the Chicken Parmesan Melt. Isa gets the TBM (Turkey-Balogna-Mushrooms, I can never remember what it stands for).

We had a lot of fun giving them as many ideas of things to do as a tourist. Mainly Times Square, Central Park, and Top of the Rock. Oh yeah, and a little (ok, not so little) Harry Potter exhibit (Evann loooves Harry Potter), complete with a sorting hat, quaffle throw on a quidditch pitch, and Hagrid's Hut where you can sit in his chair and everything! So yeah. Go there. :)

So yay! We love Evann. :)

ps: Isa just told me it's a Tomato-Basil-Mozzarella. Yummers!

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  1. ISA! My favorite sandwich in the WORLD is tomato-basil mozzarella! It has to have some kind of balsamic vinegar or pesto on it though.

  2. Chad just reminded the that TBM can also be called bruschetta, my apologies

  3. I love Cosi!!! Now I want it... Bummer. Wanna send me one? :)

  4. Natalie, do they not have Cosi in Texas?

    And Chad, I don't think bruschetta has Mozzerella. Isa said Caprese Salad may be what you're thinking of. Either way, the answer is D. All of the above are delicious. :)


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