Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aunt Wendy

Note: I don't want any of my other Aunts (or Uncles) on either side of the family to think I'm playing favorites by writing a post about Aunt Wendy (my mom's sister). I'm writing this because she came to visit. And if you come to visit, I'll write a post about you.

Please don't kill me for putting a picture of you on the internet.
Aunt Wendy was traveling through and stopped by our place for a night of eating (we made this again, and Isa made her famous Pineapple-Cherry Magnificence, which I'm not allowed to post a recipe for), watching a movie (Megamind, so good - review to come soon), and playing games (Parcheesi - she won). Fun night for sure.

The picture up there is from the Balcony at Aeropostale, one of my new favorite "secrets" in Times Square. The views are great, the atmosphere is fun, and Isa's favorite part, there are seats. You should go there.

So, back to Aunt Wendy. She's awesome. She kinda took over "mom" responsibilities when my mom passed away about 5 years ago (mostly, I replaced my mom's number with hers on my speed dial, so any time I would have called my mom, I called her. It was a much needed transition). I could not have handled that time without her. She's always been there for me, even when I wanted to buy a ring for Isa that was WAY over my credit limit. She let me throw it on hers. Now that's trust.

I'm so grateful she's in my life, and we can't wait to meet up with her again at my brother's place in Vegas next month. Oh yeah, I haven't told you that yet. We're going to Vegas next month. And San Diego. More on that to come. So stay tuned. Or stay online. Or whatever the term is for following blogs. (Following! That's it! Stay followed.)

I love you, Aunt Wendy. You rock. :)

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