Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Most Intense Movie Ever

So Brian has been nagging at me to start posting on OUR blog.
I'm just not a writing fiend.
However, I posted something like this blog post on my status on Facebook and Brian encouraged me to "blog about it" (that sounds so weird to me). Anywho, I've had a fairly relaxing weekend in terms of homework (though now I just know next weekend I will be smashed. With homework).

So, here goes:

We went and saw the movie Trust last night - David Schwimmer's (you should know who he is) directorial debut starring Clive Owen (Children of Men, Inside Man), Katherine Keener (40 Year Old Virgin), Viola Davis (Law & Order: SVU, Disturbia) and newcomer Annie Liberato. It's about a girl who gets targeted by an online sexual predator.

It. Is. Intense.

The most intense movie I've ever seen. I wanted to cry so many times and I rarely cry during movies let alone multiple times.
It's a disturbing look at reality, but not disturbing as in don't see it, but just be prepared to be incredibly insightful and shaken the rest of the night (at the least) - especially from the ending.
It just got Brian and myself thinking how we would have dealt with the situation (not like the dad in the movie) and how in the world do you prevent something like that? There is only so much you can do...
We talked about it the whole way home and it still shakes us.

I don't really have that much to say about the movie for a "review" per se, so...sorry.

Trust is an incredibly well-made, directed, and acted movie. I want to encourage you to watch it, but at the same time, I walked out of the theatre saying that I almost wish I hadn't seen it - BUT IT WAS SO GOOD. Just be prepared. I suggest that if the trailer grabs your attention, see it.

(Feel free to challenge me on the most intense movie you will ever see - once you've seen it)

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