Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Although it's just another normal day up here in CANADA!! Yeah, I'm in Edmonton. Well, West Edmonton actually. I opened a new store here in the largest mall in North America. It's actually pretty cool. The store is located right next to the largest indoor waterpark in North America (Dubai beat them on both records - I can't wait to go there).

I never left the mall (I'm leaving to go back home in about 30 minutes). Ok, I left once. To IKEA. Don't you just love IKEA? Mmmm. But as far as adventures go, not here. I finally went exploring yesterday. I went to the amusement park and rode the roller coasters and elevator ride from hell thingy (you know the one that shoots you straight up 150 feet and then you drop down and then back up most of the way and down again).

I didn't really take any pictures because Edmonton is pretty flat. Just plains. Calgary looked pretty cool (we flew through there) and I hope I can go back there some time (update! I did). I took a bunch of video in the mall, and maybe some time I'll put it together and put it up on YouTube, but for now you just have this blog saying, "I was there."


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Isa and I went around the City tonight to hit up all the live coverage of the election. I love how excited the media people get of elections, it's fun. It's like Christmas for them. Ultimately we ended up in Rockefeller Center (by far, the best of all them) and watched as Obama destroyed McCain.

I've never, ever, seen the masses this happy. And for the first time, I really do believe that Change is possible. You see, as far as I know (and we all know that I'm about as politically intelligent as one of my cats) a President can't change much because of all the checks and balances. If you want serious change, EVERYONE has to want that change. And I think Obama has done that.

I was in Union Square for the celebrations. The way people were hugging and crying tears of joy, you'd think the Occupation had just ended, that the enemy just threw up the white flag and was retreating across the borders as we speak. I'm excited for the next four years. I'm excited because it looks like Obama has brought the nation together. I'm excited because it looks like the people are willing to work together to achieve something great. And that's cool.

And here's the video. I was up all night making it so YouTube would pick it up and it would get a few thousand views (which it did!), so please enjoy:


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