Friday, April 1, 2011

BEDIA - Blog Every Day In April

My last writing class suggested that I write every day. Anything. Just something. And I want to get into that habit. So I'm going to do it now. And if you'd care to join me in this quest, here are a few little rules I'm throwing into the mix:
  1. No post may take more than 30 minutes to write and upload. Because beyond that, it'll be way too long and let's be honest, you're already getting bored reading this one.
  2. Every post must contain at least one picture. Because pictures are fun.
  3. Every post must end with some sort of a question or request for your feedback. Let's make this interactive. :)
That's all. So who's with me?

ps. This isn't my April 1 post, otherwise, there would be a picture here.

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