Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion's Night Out NYC 2011

Blogging is like exercise. It feels good when I do it all the time, but if I stop for a while, it takes a lot to get me back in the habit. So what was so big that I just have to write about it?

Fashion's night out is the kick-off to Fashion Week here in New York City. All (and I mean ALL) of the stores on 5th Ave and Madison Ave that have anything to do with fashion throw parties that go from 6 til 11pm. There are honestly thousands of parties all over the City. I went to the Upper East Side, because I'm not cool enough to party in the meat-packing district.

There are a few things that every party had in common, and a few stores went the extra mile to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

First, the common themes:

Alcohol. And a lot of it.

Most places just had servers wandering around giving out champagne and mixed drinks. Some places skip the server and just put all the drinks out for you to grab.

And DKNY skipped the champagne all together and went right to free beer.

Music. The louder the better.

Every place blasted fun and upbeat tunes, and most had live DJ's.

That's the official Fashion's Night Out tote bag - only $50!
Some had jazz bands...

And one (Ann Taylor) had Natasha Bedingfield, who is really good. I like her now.

Tiffany's had Leighton Meester, but it was packed full before I got there, so here's the main floor, decked out in Disco style:

I didn't mean to go to all these places, I actually just went for the "carnival" at Alice + Olive's that I read about in this morning's paper:

They were doing free makeovers and haircuts and face painting and all sorts of fun stuff in there. But it was so packed, so I left. But on my way to the subway, something caught my eye.

No, not that, this:

Free Food!!!
And then I needed something to drink, something non-alcoholic, so I went into another place and got some water and kettle corn.

And then, since I was well-fed, I decided to hang out for a while. And I probably hit up 15 different parties. All in all, fun night. I highly recommend it.


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