Monday, July 19, 2010

Cowboy Up at Calgary Stampede

Isa and I are cowboy-ing it up in Canada!!

We were sent up here to the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" with Del Sol. We had two stores, one set up in the Grandstand (where they hold the rodeo, chuck wagon races, and evening performance and fireworks) and the other in an expo-type building called BMO. Working at the Grandstand gave us access to all the rodeos and performances for free.

Now normally when we work at Del Sol, we wear shorts and t-shirts. But the Stampede Board took one look at us the first day and decided that we weren't "cowboy enough" to work there, and they told us we needed to change. So we did:

That's right: I bought a big ol' belt buckle and a cowboy hat. And that's a $150 authentic Wrangler shirt I'm wearing (I didn't buy that, I just put it on in the store). :)

It's a different world up here, but it's fun and we're loving the experience. Hope you're all having fun down in the states.

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  1. How fun! I love the belt buckles and no offense but $150 for that shirt? That is insane! I'm glad that you didn't buy it! LOL

  2. I'm digging the mustache! I've been growing one for the month of November. I'll send you a picture or two of my facial sweetness. PS...what's an email address that you use since you're in a whole different continent?!?!


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