Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zhujiajiao Water Town

Before heading out to Zhujiajiao, I need to tell you about pork rolls because they're amazing. Picture juicy, soft ground pork in savory gravy, wrapped in doughy goodness and steamed to perfection. Then price them at 25 cents each. They're filling enough that Isa ate one and she was full. Safe to say we have found our breakfast for the rest of the time here.

Zhujiajiao is a water town (think canals of Venice) on the outskirts of Shanghai. It's an hour bus ride out there from Peoples Square. There are several water towns around Shanghai, but from reviews, this is the best.

Many other water towns charge admission, which to me makes it seem fake, like a designed tourist attraction. Zhujiajiao (pronounced, "ju-jia-jow") allows free access everywhere except actual attractions like temples and other historical buildings. To me, that made it feel more authentic. There are a few main pedestrian streets full of vendors and packed with people.

But Isa and I wandered off into streets, canals, and alleys away from all the people too.

We took lots of pictures of boats, bridges, and canals...

Isa made a few friends...

And we had a great time people watching and enjoying the atmosphere.

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