Saturday, October 19, 2013


Insadong is a fun walking street that is crazy packed with people looking for street food and souvenirs. It's a fun atmosphere for daytime meandering, almost as much fun as Meoungdong is at night. Isa went for the waffle with honey and blueberry cream.

We thought about getting ice cream in a tube...

...but we ended up going for a local dish called bibimbap. Apparently this dish is a staple here in Seoul. It's mainly just rice with meat, veggies, and an egg. It was fine. Not amazing, not great, but not bad by any means.

After our meal, we wandered over to Cheonggyecheon (just say, "chong-guh-chon") which has an interesting history. It was originally a stream that ran through the heart of Seoul. The stream was beautiful and pure, but then it became the sewer system and the surrounding areas became the slums. Then it was paved over and became a highway. The slums were replaced by skyscrapers, and then in a effort to greenify Seoul, they took down the highway and turned it back into a stream and a beautiful park. It's like the High Line in New York, but below the city instead of above it.

We stayed there until after sunset and then headed home because we were tired from walking so much.

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