Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yoyogi Park

Today we went to Yoyogi park. We went to check out the Myoji shrine and then walked around for a little bit. The shrine is pretty cool although not very photogenic.

It was crazy packed, the most busy we've seen any place in Tokyo outside of Shibuya crossing. It was fun to see lots of traditional weddings taking place. They got the system down just like Salt Lake Temple. One after another, just like clockwork, parading through the grounds.

It was also fun to see lots of people in traditional dress. We couldn't tell if it was because it was Sunday or because it was the shrine, or some other reason, but we were happy either way.

But even cuter we saw lots of kids in traditional attire. We think maybe it was like a communion or something because they all came out of the same time.

After the shrine, we walked through the park to find a nice place to hang out and watch another session of conference. We found out that on the side of the world, conference weekend is actually the weekend after the United States conference weekend since the time difference is so different. We were a little bummed since we could've gone to church last weekend, but it was fun to watch conference in a park this time instead of at home. Isa found a podcast where we could download an MP3 version of the conference.

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