Sunday, October 6, 2013

Conference Sunday

If you're not Mormon, you may not understand some of this post. If that's the case, scroll down and look at the pretty pictures. :)

We woke up and watched the Saturday morning session of conference because Sunday hadn't happened yet in Utah. You gotta love technology that makes this possible:

We're watching it on Isa's iPhone.

Then we figured this would be a good place to go on Sunday.

It's closed on Sundays, of course, but we just wanted to see it. Fortunately, it is within walking distance from our apartment here. Then we explored the park across the street. Sooo pretty.

Then we walked up to Roppongi Hills, which is a very cool, very well-designed urban city center. We played around in there until sunset.

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  1. My husband and I are insanely jealous of you guys right now! We want to go to Japan more than anything. We'd probably spend more time in Kobe than anything else.

  2. How fun! Great way to spend a conference weekend.


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