Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shanghai People's Square

We spent almost the entire day in People's Square, divided mainly between two museums, the Urban Planning museum and the Shanghai museum. With some food and wandering the park between them.

First up, Urban Planning. 

So interesting and very well laid out. You go through the history of Shanghai and look at pictures and scale models of the changes that had to be made as the city grew.

By far the coolest thing in the museum is the scale model of Shanghai.

You can also view it from above on the next floor. The lighting changed from daytime to nighttime if you stand around for a few minutes.

As you continue upstairs, you get further into the future, so the top floor has plans for where Shanghai is headed, and it includes interactive games and displays. They're fun.

We went out to grab lunch, where we employed our non-verbal pointing technique which seems to work quite well. We ended up with some kind of pita/burger thing (found it! Rou jia mo 肉夹馍 and Isa had a Cong You Bing or green onion pancake, 葱油饼) and it was wonderful (Isa's was just ok). We wandered the park, which has a small amusement park and a few gardens.

Then over to the Shanghai museum. We learned that in Chinese architecture, the square building represents earth, and round buildings represent heaven. So this museum was designed with a square base and a round upper level to represent the connection between Heaven and earth. The museum was interesting. We stayed for a few hours (wow Isa!) and visited every floor and every exhibit. It had everything from jade to coins to calligraphy...

After the museum, we wandered over to Nanjing road. This was a different section than where we went on our first night, but just as colorful (if not more so) and fun.

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