Friday, October 18, 2013

Wandering Aimlessly in Seoul

Apparently Gangnam is a huge area, and the part Psy refers to in his song is only one part of it. It's like talking about hipsters in Brooklyn. If you don't know where to go, Brooklyn is a big place, and you may get off the subway in an area that has nothing to do with hipsters. Such was the case with us in Gangnam.

Locals were mostly unapproachable, but the ones we did talk to were not nice and completely unhelpful. One kid told us the temple we wanted to see was closed. A temple that has been open continuously for over 800 years.

We wandered aimlessly until we found a park that cost $1 to get in. So we went in and wandered some more. At least this part of Seoul isn't hilly. We heard music and ended up taking a lesson to play some random instrument.

We were awful and I'm pretty sure a few of my strings were out of tune, but it was fun and totally worth a dollar. The park turned out to be the burial sites of several past emperors and their wives or something. It was interesting.

Next stop was the Bongeunsa temple, which was pretty, but not spectacular. And not closed.

Then we went up to Meoungdong. Which was awesome! Meoungdong is a fun shopping area full of lights, noise, people, and lots of street food.

We ate lots of yummy food...

And Isa bought some awesome stuff...

Ok, she didn't actually buy that stuff, but she did find a cute pair of socks that she did buy.

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