Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tokyo Disney!

Tokyo Disney is AWESOME!!

We had so much fun. We spent the entire day in DisneySea (as opposed to DisneyLand) because the rides and themed areas are completely unique. DisneyLand is a close replica of the Magic Kingdom in Florida. DisneySea has stuff like Triton's Kingdom...

The Mediterranean Harbor...

A volcano...

And Agraba...

The lines were only bad on Tower of Terror and Toy Story, both of which we've been on, so we spent all our time on everything else: new rides and shows.

The shows were amazing. We saw a big band swing show of Broadway quality. We saw a magic show and Ariel's show and a crazy extravagant jungle rhythms show. And of course, Fantasmic.

A few shows and parades were canceled because of the crazy wind we had, but the weather seemed to deter a few people from coming and encouraged many who came to go home early. The longest we ever waited for any ride was about 20 minutes. We used FastPass a few times, but most of the standby times were pretty reasonable anyways.

It was a great day. We highly recommend Tokyo Disney.

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  1. Checking to see if comments work.

  2. Looks like the comments are fixed! It is so funny that you posted this yesterday, because an hour or so before I checked the blog I was talking to my wife about taking a trip to Asia in 2015 and hitting all of the Disney Resorts, Tokyo, Hong Kong and the new Shanghai one set to open in 2015. I have heard Tokyo is better than even the U.S. parks, and your pictures and descriptions definitely make it seem amazing! I am looking forward to getting there in the next couple of years! And to make up for my lost comments on the other posts, keep up the great reports, I love traveling with you guys! haha


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