Friday, October 11, 2013


If you want fun shopping and really interesting people watching, Harajuku is the place to go.

This was actually our second time coming through Harajuku. The colors and energy on Takeshita Street is just so fun to be around. We found a few favorite shops. Off the charts number one was 6% Dokidoki. They won't let you take pictures or video inside, but this little store has everything you would hope to find in a Harajuku store. So much color, random little quarks things, and you can't help but smile the whole time you're in there.

Other than that, you have Takenoko, where Lady Gaga shops.

No for real, there are signed pictures of Lady Gaga inside wearing stuff she bought in the store. I took these pictures before they found me and told me "No pictures!"

And last, Avante Guarde is a store full of leggings. Just leggings.

These shiny silver leggings cost $5000! US dollars. Not yen.

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