Saturday, October 19, 2013

Old Stuff in Seoul

Today was another long walking day. It seems that we can't judge distances very well. For some odd reason, Google Maps doesn't have a distance meter on the iPad app, and we're walking a lot further than planned.

Oh well, we're seeing good stuff.

Like this...

When we arrived at the Gyeongbokgung Palace, there was a show going on, kinda like a changing of the guard sorta thing, but it was all in Korean. We didn't understand, we just took pictures.

The palace grounds were massive. Way bigger than we anticipated. 

To be honest, after about twenty minutes, it all pretty much looked the same and you just end up wondering how much more there is to go. 

Well there's more. Lots more. It went on forever.

After the palace, we wandered over to the Hanok Village. This is an old section of town that has remained mostly untouched over the years. Lanes of small houses with cool roofs scattered across a neighborhood.

We wandered for a little bit and then headed south to Insadong, which deserves its own post.

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