Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tsukiji and Akihabara

We woke up early (for us) and went over to the Tsukiji Fish Market. It was huge and crazy and we saw lots of random sea creatures.

We stopped by a local shop for lunch with our local friend Tamura. He was one of the missionaries that taught Isa back in the Bronx. He told us this was chicken and beef.

What parts of the chicken and cow, I do not know. There are very few things I've come across that I could not muscle down and wholly consume. But wow. When in Tsukiji, stick to eating fish.

Then we went over to Akihabara which is, as Tamura called it, "nerd city." It was an interesting place full of comics, video games, action figures, and weird porn. Tamura kept us clear of most of the raunchy stuff, and we made it to the electronics part where I found an extra battery for my camera, since it died yesterday while in Kamakura. And then we found a costume shop to play around in.

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