Monday, October 7, 2013

Ginza and the Palace

Say hello to Ginza, Tokyo's version of New York's Fifth Avenue.

It looks cooler at night.

It's mostly the same brands, except the stores here are taller and cooler. Our favorites included the Yamaha store (9 floors of musical instruments and an actual concert hall), a 5-story stationery store, and a 5-story toy store. Oh, and the world's largest Uniqlo:

It was merchandised so pretty I wanted to take pictures of every fixture. I'm kind of a retail nerd that way.

In the middle of our Ginza shopping tour, we wandered over to the nearby palace to kill some time until dark. The palace grounds are massively expansive, we walked around for about an hour and never actually entered the actual grounds, just the parks and walkways surrounding the palace.

We'll go back another day to properly explore the gardens.

We left the palace to go back to the city just after sunset, since Ginza looked like it would get pretty at night.

We were right.

When the stores closed at 8, we decided to go home because we were tired and we noticed that our eyes were a little bloodshot.

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