Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome to China!

The flight to Shanghai was quick and painless, and the customs process getting into China was one of the smoothest and easiest ones we've ever been through. It seems that because they make you jump through so many hoops when applying for the visa (that process was ridiculously detailed and stressful), they made the arrival so pleasant.

We took mass transit to the area of our apartment and found the place with no problems. We came up to meet Amber, one of our hosts (we're staying in an Airbnb location with two expats). She seems fun and she gave us a three-page welcome guide full of suggestions for food, fun, and other helpful Shanghai tips.

The apartment is great. Nice area with lots of nearby food options. It's on the 10th floor with a nice view.

Just like Seoul, we decided to explore the area on foot first. We walked down to Nanjing Road, which is a fun shopping area with lots of lights and excitement.

We explored for a while and ended up eating at Yoshinoya, a cheap Japanese fast food chain we know and love. I know, we're in China and we go for Japanese food. Whatever, we're here for more than two weeks, I'm sure we'll have our fair share of authentic Chinese food.

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