Saturday, October 5, 2013

Meet Roah & Seira

This is a follow-up post to Joypolis.

We milked our passes and did as much as we could. One of the games we did gave us new names, had us sit in a lounge, answer a bunch of questions, and then took our picture. The thing is, it was all in Japanese. We have no clue what kind of questions we were answering, but we left with new names and these awesome pictures:

When we got home, I asked our host if he could translate them for us. He told us we were a host/hostess and people had to pay to have drinks with us. 

Roah: ¥15100 (~$150)
Seira: ¥21000 (~$210)

He decoded our ratings under the price and it appears that Roah is very gentlemanly, but only has so-so strength. And Seira is very, very girly, only kind of mature, and very evil. ;)

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