Friday, October 25, 2013

The Bund

The Bund is a term meaning the river bank. It is on the edge of the major river that runs through Shanghai, the Huangpu. It faces Pudong/Lujiazui so it doubles as a cool attraction in itself and the best viewpoint of the famous Shanghai skyline. It does not disappoint.

We actually stopped by the Bund twice today, because we wanted to see the skyline in the daytime and nighttime. Our daytime trip was quick, as we wanted to get over to Yuyuan Gardens with enough time to properly explore it, but here is a pic in the daylight...

The river is insanely busy with boats, mainly barges and other commercial shipping vessels. Far busier than I've ever seen the Harlem River or even New York harbor. It's ridiculously difficult to get a picture with no boats.. You've got to have a lot of patience. Which I do.

Isa and I spent a few hours walking almost the entire length of the Bund in the evening, and it was fun to see the skyline change from the different angles.

Shanghai did an amazing job on both sides of the river with its lighting and atmosphere. We fully enjoyed our time in both places.

From here, we took the metro over to the other side of Shanghai to eat at one of the craziest, most yummiest restaurants ever: Fu Chun Xiao Long Bao. SO good. SO fun.

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