Friday, October 25, 2013

Yuyuan Garden

Today was packed with three very fun, very different experiences. So they each get their own post.

Yuyuan garden is an amazingly elaborate maze of a Chinese garden. As soon as you enter, you get lost and disoriented, but it's ok because everywhere you turn is pretty.

The ponds, pavilions, and gardens are beautiful, and the whole place was very fun to explore.

Can you spot Isa in that last pic?

One of our favorite things about the garden were the rockeries. Tunnels and multiple levels carved out of rocks give you fun things to explore and offer different vantage points to view the surrounding towers and gardens.

The garden empties into a crazy pedestrian tourist area with very cool architecture.

We found some yummy food... Isa had an egg tart which tasted part eggy and part custardy seated in a flaky crust. I had some sort of hybrid egg roll burrito that was so yummy and cheap that I went back for a second one.

At sunset, we headed over to the Bund, which is our next post...

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