Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Like to Eat: Lucky's Famous Burgers

Don't tell Shake Shack that we're cheating on them.

Thanks to Groupon, Isa and I went down to the Lucky's on 23rd Street. We tried a month ago, but it was too busy and we ended up going to Dallas BBQ across the street instead (also very good). Lucky's is really fun - the inside is super colorful and bright, and (my favorite part) they were playing the Yankee game on the flatscreens throughout the store.

Today was a little less busy, to say the least.
I got the Famous Cheddar Burger and Isa had the Mini Cheddars. She thinks they're better than In-N-Out, to which I whole-heartedly disagree, but they are tasty. And the crinkle-cut fries were fantastic. Isa tried their "Lucky Special Sauce" with her fries and she loved it (I'm too cowardly to try anything but ketchup).

As yummy as the burgers and fries were, we were not quite prepared for the deliciousness that is their "Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake." Holy wow! Like, good enough to steal from a baby without a second thought good. My taste buds haven't had that much fun since they were in Thailand. MMMmmm, Thai food. :)

But overall, our hearts (and stomachs) are still true to Shake Shack.

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