Friday, May 27, 2011

Fleet Week!

I've never really cared about Fleet Week, but for some reason, I think it's fun to see lots of people walking around in uniforms.

Have you guys heard of Fleet Week? New York's been doing it for years, since I was a kid at least. It starts a few days before Memorial Day with the Parade of Ships - a bunch of battle ships and air craft carriers cruise up the Hudson and park next to the Intrepid at Pier 86.

This pic was lovingly stolen from :)
After the ships dock, the public can tour them for free, and over the next week the City holds lots of events and demonstrations. Like today, Isa and I happened to be wandering around Times Square (because unlike the vast majority of New Yorkers, we like Times Square, probably because there's always something fun happening there), and we saw them creating sand masterpieces in honor of the military:

And behind the sand sculptors was a stage, and the Navy was singing.

Yeah. Fun stuff. If you want to see the ships, watch the Marines put on a demonstration, or watch Top Gun on the flight deck of an air craft carrier (yeah, how ridiculously cool is that?!), check out the full Fleet Week Schedule.

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  1. Brian! I have a blog post idea for you... :) Do you ever scrapbook anymore? Either way...I think you should take pictures of your scrapbooks and blog about them. I was telling Curt how awesome they are and now I want him to see pictures. Plus...after two pregnancies, my brain and memory are gone, so really I just want to see pictures again. I can barely remember them. I sure do remember how much I loved them though!!


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