Thursday, June 16, 2011

Newark is Helpful

Isa and I drove down to Newark to pick up my parents from their trip to the UK, and it's a good thing their flight was a little late, because we took several wrong turns and got hopelessly lost in the airport.

At one point, when we stopped seeing signs for terminals/highways/exits/anything we might want to head toward, and everything around us disappeared and turned into a graveyard of rarely used planes and forgotten equipment, we knew we were definitely not going the right way. It was at that very moment that we saw a fantasticly helpful sign:

As in why on earth are you all the way the heck out here?

No map. No number to call. No radio station to tune to. No information at all. Just a subtle slap in the face and a welcome to Jersey.

We love Newark. /sarcasm

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