Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baseball in the Bronx

If you take perfect spring weather (which we've had for a week now) and combine it with perfectly groomed, beautiful baseball fields...

If I wasn't sure I'd get arrested, I'd hop that fence in a heartbeat.
...(which we're not allowed to play on yet - not until Fall), you get an irresistible urge to play ball. So Isa bought some baseballs to go with the gloves that have been sitting in our closet, and we played baseball with our cub scouts this afternoon. Yay!

One of them didn't know how to throw overhand. And I'm so proud of myself, because I taught him. I showed him out to lead with his elbow, follow through with his forearm, and then flick his wrist at the end. I showed him out to hold the ball and how to stand/step forward. And he was awesome! Before long, he was throwing 30+ feet on target! And this one moment made me confident that I'm going to be an awesome Dad. Somehow, I fell like if I know I can teach my kid how to throw a baseball, everything else will be just fine.

But wait, there's more! We headed up to Franz Sigel Park, which is just up next to the courthouse, and Isa and I threw the ball around some more.

It's amazingly difficult to take a picture and catch the ball at the same time. I'm glad Isa didn't aim at me because I would have still been looking at the camera when it hit me in the chest.

Isa took several pictures of me catching, and in not one of them am I looking at the ball. My eyes were trained on the camera the whole time. So much for keeping your eye on the ball.

Isa, however, kept her eye on the ball the whole time. Because she's awesome.

I can't wait for Heritage Field to open up so we can play there. Although the fields look great, they won't let the public in until they finish the comfort station and all the facilities and pathways around the park. Here's a video of Heritage Field from the downtown 4 train:

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  1. Reading all your posts makes me miss NY. :( Oh, and you guys...

  2. Hello, I stumbled across this blog looking for baseball photos...quick question, may seem a little weird...what font are you using to write your blog? Cheers


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