Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hotter than Hansel

Hansel is so hot right now. But New York is hotter.

Remember that feeling in the winter when it’s freezing cold outside and it feels so good to climb into a warm bed and wrap yourself with blankets head to toe and you seal off the edges so no cold air can get in and you just smile because you’re finally warm? I walked outside for lunch today and I was immediately enveloped by warmth and it felt just like that.

You see, the a/c in our office is set to arctic chill. One of my coworkers was wearing a scarf today. So when I stepped outside into the welcoming blanket of warmth that is New York City humidity, I smiled and just breathed it all in. And for a second I thought to myself that summer’s not going to be that bad. I love this feeling.

And then the warmth sunk deep into my bones. That full warmth that heats your insides, like downing a bowl of chicken noodle soup when it’s blizzarding outside but you don’t care because you’re cozy all wrapped up in your blanket sitting on the floor next to the fireplace.

But then somebody covers you with an extra comforter and three quilts and they throw some hand warmers into your underwear, and you start to think, ok, this might be getting a little too warm. Borderline uncomfortably warm. You start to sweat and you try to shed some layers but you can't. You're trapped in the sweltering heat. You're starting to get the idea of how hot it was today, but you're not quite there yet.

Then your big ol' pile of suffocating blankets catches fire, and instead of lounging next to the fireplace you decide to climb right in. That's about how hot it was today.

For those of you who don't live in a humid location, the actual temperature is irrelevant. It's the RealFeel or "Feels Like" temperature that you watch. Because 54% humidity (that's what it was this afternoon when I took this picture) makes the heat stick to you whether you're in direct sunlight or the shade. And it magnifies the heat and feels much worse than it is. There's no escaping it. Until my lunch hour is up and I go back to my 23rd floor winter wonderland of an office.

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