Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Never Wash your Hands with Superglue

This seems like one of those lessons I should have learned years ago.

I took that picture today. After I had washed my hands 37 times and taken two showers. I even used Gojo. Twice. I've never seen that stuff fail before. That stuff could clean the subway tracks at 125th Street. Yeah.

So, in our ongoing battle with our ninja mice, we got some foam caulk to fill the holes in the walls that they escape through.

It goes in as a foam, and looks and feels remarkably like shaving cream. Then a few minutes later, it solidifies and you can cut away the excess. It seems pretty harmless. Who would have thunk the main ingredient in this concoction is superglue? Not me. I did not read the can. I also didn't read that you're not supposed to let it come in contact with your skin. Because bad things happen. I spread it along the crack in the wall with my pointer finger. This one.

And then I tried to wash it off. But it's immune to water. It just spread to my other hand and palms, thumbs, and every finger except my pinkies. Apparently I don't wash my pinkies when I wash my hands. Who knew? But thank goodness, because I could use them when I had to change out of my work clothes. Which turned out to be pretty difficult. You try taking off your pants using only your pinky fingers. It's tricky.

So, if you think putting foam caulk on your fingers and then peeling it off would be as much fun as peeling off Elmer's glue or wax, you'd be wrong.

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  1. "And thats why you always read the can." Oh Brian, That is sad but funny. Ty said "That finger looks NASTY."

  2. oh no... :(

    I wonder if I would have read the can...


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