Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Year (and a half) of Marriage

About a year ago, Isa and I met with friends in Central Park for our wedding reception.

We got married on December 28, 2009 with a handful of close family and friends, but we knew how expensive and difficult it is to come to New York in the middle of Christmas and New Year's, so we waited to have our reception until it was more convenient (and less expensive) for everybody. The date was set for June 5, just under six months later.

It was a beautiful (hot!) day, and lots of our friends and family were able to come out and play with us.

Isa's friend Angie made us a wonderful three-layer cake.

Chocolate, Vanilla, and a top layer of Red Velvet.
Part of that top layer has been hanging out in the back corner of our freezer for a year now, and as tradition has it, we're supposed to eat it for our one year anniversary. But it was frozen, so we set it on the counter to thaw. And when it thawed, it didn't look so good any more (I've always been kinda skeptical about eating year-old anything anyways, right?).

And since we weren't sure about eating it, we just left it on the counter. A week passed by with it just sitting out, and now we're SURE we can't eat it.

So we bought a replacement wedding cake: Oreo Ice Cream cake...

...which could possibly be the best cake on earth.

So props to us for making it through a year (and a half) of marriage! Yay!

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