Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sitka Boating (Favorite Memory)

August 2009 was a good month for us. Isa and I were falling ever deeper in love. We took a few days off from work in Juneau to go play in Sitka with Mike (Isa's dad). We went boating and hiking.

And I asked Mike for his blessing to marry his only daughter.

Isa doesn't like boating because she gets seasick. But she was a good sport and came out anyway. And Mike and I bonded and fished and caught salmon faster than they do on tv shows. And I caught the biggest salmon Mike had ever seen. And I lost it. And it broke my heart. :(

We took the boat out to Sea Lion Cove, to an uninhabited island - scratch that - uninhabited by people island.

recent bear tracks
We hung out on the beach for a while and I raced Dawson to the far side of the beach.

Isa, Dawson, and Mike 

Then we hiked around for a while, me looking for bears and Isa, the trained tracker, looking for "bear scat." Yum. We hiked along the beach and forded a river to confuse the bears following our scent. (Why else does one ford a river?) (Did I use that word right? "Forded" sounds weird.)

Our quest to track the bears proved fruitless, but our photo shoot afterwards was a huge success.

Trying to pull off an "American Gothic" fisherman parody.
All in all it was a fun trip and one of our favorite memories from the before part of our relationship.

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