Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Harlem Meer in Winter #EveryPath

I felt like the northern part of the Park wasn't getting as much love from me, so I ran up there tonight. I had to work late so I didn't get out until after dark. But it warmed up to the mid-30's so I could take the nice camera.

A lot of the snow has melted already, but most of the paths are still covered with snow - now melting, slippery, wet snow.

Running on it was slow and tough again, and my shoes are soaked, but it was a good run.

The Discovery Center sits on the north side of the Meer. In the summer, kids can borrow fishing gear for free and learn about wildlife through lots of free events. In the winter, I think it's just a visitor center.

You may not know, but there's another rink up here (pool in the summer) called Lasker Rink. Unlike Wollman rink down on the south end, Lasker Rink is mainly used by locals for hockey.

The path around the Meer is always scenic. By the way, did you know Meer is the Dutch word for Lake? Yeah, so Harlem Meer makes a little more sense now, huh? Especially when you remember that New York used to be a Dutch settlement, Nieuw Amsterdam.

By the way, I kept running east out of the Park over to Lexington and up to 125th because I had to buy some groceries at Pathmark, but when I got there it was empty. Not like, shelves cleared because of the Snowpocalypse, but empty like gutted store with no more shelves, sign ripped off the building, closed for business forever. When did that happen?!

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