Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#Everypath After the Blizzard

I got a few hours of work done this morning and then ran through the park on my lunch break to see how it was recovering from the blizzard. The clean up was in full effect.

With the exception of the loop (east/west drive), most of the paths were still completely covered in snow. Packed and trodden down, but still snow.

Even popular paths like the Mall.

It made for a VERY slow run. It was like running on the beach. I took a lot of steps, but didn't get much forward movement out of each step. My sneakers didn't get a ton of grip on the snowy surface.

To give you an idea of how much I was slipping, I took 7500 steps and ran 3.1 miles. When I'm running on dry ground, 7500 steps is about 4.5 miles. So I basically ran in place for 1.4 miles.

Giant mounds had been pushed and piled up near the entrances.

I ran up to one of my favorite places, which was pretty slippery and I almost slid off it a few times. The snow is so deep that it probably wouldn't have hurt to fall down the cliff though.

Balto was looking stately as ever, which makes sense because blizzards are kinda his thing.

I ran through the Mall and past Bethesda Terrace on the way to the sledding hills.

There were a TON of people out on Saturday and Sunday sledding on Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill, but this morning it was pretty empty. Makes sense for a Monday morning.

The evidence of a sledding massacre over the weekend was still visible.

This is why you use garbage can lids, storage bin lids, and baking sheets to go sledding. Sleds in New York apparently are one-time-use only. Probably because New Yorkers are pretty dang tough on sleds. Here's a family jumping off the steps down into the Trefoil Arch.

On my way home I passed across the top of the Great Lawn with views of midtown.

This is 15 blocks farther away from midtown than the white-out picture I took Saturday in the middle of the blizzard from the Sheep Meadow. You can see the buildings clearly here. Nothing then.

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