Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#EveryPath in Central Park

I love Central Park. A lot. 

I love to explore it. All of it.

When I moved to the Upper West Side, I started running in Central Park as often as I could. I'd run different paths each day because I wanted to see it all. After a few months, I started to wonder if I'd actually been on every path in the Park. So I looked at different running apps and found a web app that could connect to Strava and overlay multiple runs on a single map.

So after possibly running the entire Park once (which, according to CentralPark.org's faqs, is 58 miles), I started tracking it to see for sure. Here's where I'm at as of tonight.

There are a couple paths currently under construction that I can't access, but whatever.

Now it's 2016, and I'm gonna do it again. Except this time, not only am I going to track my run, I'm going to document them on here. I'm going to post at least one picture from each of my runs through Central Park, along with the route and stats for the run.

I need to make one thing clear: I don't particularly like to run.

I don't care about my times or pace averages. They're often much worse than actual because I stop to take pictures and enjoy my surroundings. This project isn't about running or health or improvement of any kind. I JUST LOVE TO EXPLORE. And I love Central Park. I'm excited to share the Park with you, one path at a time. By the end of 2016, we'll have seen #everypath in Central Park.

And I'm hopeful that this hashtag catches on and people start to share areas they love to explore. #EveryPath in Zion National Park? #EveryPath in Yellowstone? Take the hashtag and run with it (or bike with it - Strava does biking too).

Here's what you need to join in:

Yay! See you on my next run.

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