Friday, January 8, 2016

Conservatory Garden in Snowless Winter

With the leaves already fallen but snow hasn't yet, I wanted to run to the one place I know looks really cool with barren branches.

Here's my run:

The Conservatory Garden is broken into three sections: French to the north, Italian in the middle, and English on the south. From Spring to Fall, the English and French gardens are gorgeous with colorful flowers immaculately landscaped. Now, the fountains are off and everything is dead or bagged up.

The French Garden

The English Garden

The Italian Garden in the middle is more of just an open lawn flanked by straight paths.

Here's the grand entrance to the Italian Garden from 5th Ave, compliments of the Vanderbilts.

You can kinda see in the back there beyond the lawn is a fountain and then a crescent mezzanine that rises above the gardens. This is covered in ivy in the summer and makes for a nice shady spot to relax. Now, the upper level is just good for a different angle.

As you can also see from these pics, I pretty much had the whole place to myself. I liked it better this way, not because it's more peaceful - in fact the Conservatory Garden is a designated quiet zone - but because there are so many paths in concentric circles, that last time I ran through here I could tell that people were watching me and wondering what was wrong with me just running in circles like a trapped mouse in a maze.

It was nice to run around and around and in and out and back and forth to cover all the little paths without anybody wondering what the heck was going on.

Oh, and this run almost didn't even get recorded because halfway out, my phone committed suicide.

I restarted it a few times and each time it came on in safe mode. Apparently my volume key was stuck and it was causing the phone to freak out. Got it fixed and recorded the rest of the run. :)

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