Friday, January 29, 2016

Great Lawn and the Met #EveryPath

I had planned to knock out the entire section from 86th down to 79th, but after the sun set and the wind picked up, I bailed on the west side. I'll get those paths later.

Running every path in an area takes a lot of retracing steps. If you click on that strava map, you can drag your mouse along my pace on the bottom and see my little dot run around and around in circles. I try to make big circles so it's not as obvious, but I think the kids playing basketball figured I was up to something when I ran straight through mid-court.

The first photo-op I ran into today was the Obelisk. Did you know this thing is legit 3465 years old? I read up on it this evening.

I love the part about how they just spent two years cleaning and preserving it and when they removed years of dirt and pollution they found new hieroglyphs they didn't know about before.

Next stop was the Turtle Pond.

Which, you gotta wonder, where do the turtles go when the pond freezes over?

Turning out to the East, you go through this arch...

...and then out to the Met, where you'll see these three bears.

I took a mildly wrong turn and ended up running down the Bridle Path (remember that's "bridle" as in bridle your horse, not "bridal," unless you're referring to your fiancée as a ball and chain). The Bridle Path has to be the only path in the Park that was never plowed.

It was slippery and wet.

Sunset started up and it was iffy whether or not we'd see any colors tonight.

After a cold 30 minutes of waiting, it didn't disappoint.

It was hard for the camera to capture the scope of it, so I tried my phone's panorama.

The lower dark clouds came rolling in, but the upper clouds were still shining bright.

And in one fleeting attempt at a little more color, the lower dark clouds got a touch of pink.

And then I started to freeze so I ran home.

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