Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

I took an afternoon break to run a quick loop around the loch.

The temperature rose to the mid-40's today and the snow is melting fast. I figured if anywhere still had snow, it'd be the North Woods. Hardly anybody goes up there.

On my way in, this scene caught my eye.

It appears that the person driving the plow thought the path was on the other side of the light posts.

As I suspected, the ice on the ponds and lakes was starting to thaw.

I dropped down through the Glen Span Arch which is basically the start of the Loch. Then I ran alongside the Loch to the end.

The Loch is pretty, with bridges, waterfalls, and small streams coming off it and meandering through the woods.

When I got to the Huddlestone Arch, which marks the end of the Loch next to Lasker Rink (remember Lasker from yesterday?), I turned to take a picture of the waterfall and sunset.

But I felt like it was missing something. Some personality. So I built a mini snowman.

It's my first snowman in years. I think he turned out rather well. :)

I backed up and surveyed the scene again.

Much better. :)

I started to run off, but before I could even get around the corner, another photographer came down to capture Mr. Snowman.

Yay! He likes my work. :)

I ran back up along the other side of the Loch back up to the Pool (it's a pond, but it's called the Pool). Still mostly frozen.

Hope you're having a great day! I sure did. Snowmen put you in a good mood. :)

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