Monday, January 11, 2016

#EveryPath around the Lake in Central Park

Ok, not every path. Just the path closest to the lake. But it made a cool track.

I took off right after work, so I could watch the sunset on midtown. As you can see from the track, I entered from the top, so the first view of the lake is from above the Oak Bridge.

Then I ran along the Rambles side of the lake, passing the ice ladders that are currently useless (it was almost 60 degrees yesterday, although today was 27 degrees).

I came upon a new boat launch they just constructed.

If you're wondering, the lake is where you can take row boats out (from the Boat House, of course). You paddle around and if you get tired or want to let somebody out, there are boat launches all around the lake. They're in the process of redoing them all and making them really nice.

I crossed the Bow Bridge and looped back around the Boat House and back into the Rambles from the East Side. If you ever want to go trail-running in New York, here's where that's possible.

Sorry for the blur. It was too cold for the nice camera (it has a minimum operating temperature of 32 degrees), and my trusty indestructible Olympus is hurting in low-light conditions. :(

Although it did alright there with the San Remo towers and the Bow Bridge. This is taken from the point of the peninsula in the Lake (if you look at the Strava track, when I come in from East Drive, I go down to a point).

Wrapping around back toward the Bow Bridge, there is a clearing where you get this view:

I stayed as long as I could bare it (it was freezing!) to soak it all in before my flight tomorrow. I'm heading down to the Caribbean for work. See you in one week, Central Park!

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