Sunday, May 22, 2011

Glee Live Tour - Las Vegas

Remember that time we said we were big Gleeks? We went to see them last night!!!

It was amazing. Not just because we love Glee and it was so fun to see the cast in real life (which was very exciting), but the actual show (as far as concerts go) was really entertaining. I'm talking fireworks inside the arena, visual effects with their video screens, and an LED floor:

Oh yeah, as you can probably tell from those three pictures, we're loving our new camera. The 80-300mm lens is pretty dang awesome, and it let us get pics like these:

Quinn and Sam - Lucky Duet
Brittany professing her love to Blaine
Lea Michele with the fans
We also got some rather provocative and sexy pics of Brittany doing Britney Spears' Slave, but they're a bit too risque for our little PG blog. But that doesn't matter anyway, because to really appreciate Brittany, you need to see her dance. Because holy crap, she's an amazing dancer.

Brittany and Artie
They sang all the favorites: Don't Stop Believing by Journey, Glee's original song Loser Like Me, Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind, and Queen's Somebody to Love, among lots and lots of others (you can shove a lot of 4 minute songs into 2 hours). Our favorite, and I think the whole crowd's favorite, was the Warbler's version of Pink's Raise Your Glass:

Another one of my favorite parts was Artie's Safety Dance. Because Artie is such a good dancer, like Mike Chang good. And it's a real shame that he's stuck in that wheelchair for the whole show.

Safety Dance

Artie in his throne
And, of course, Kurt and Brittany and Co doing Beyonce's Single Ladies dance:

...shoulda put a ring on it...
Oh, maybe I should have warned you that this post was going to be one big pic explosion. I took LOTS of pictures. The ones that have made it to the post have actually already gone through two cuts.

Mercedes and the Girls
Another crowd favorite (no, seriously) was the boys' "unplugged" version of Rebecca Black's Friday:

Puck and Sam played the guitar.
Partying, partying, YEAH!
I didn't even tell you. So, we're in Vegas just for a few days, and it just worked out that we could even go to this. The show's been sold out since it became available, and the tickets on StubHub were going for hundreds of dollars each, and we just couldn't justify spending that much. So we kept checking and the prices dropped dramatically day of the show. We ended up getting tickets less than 2 hours before the show for less than half of face value. Here's the crowd at the Events Center at Mandalay Bay:

...makes that zoom lens pretty cool, huh?
Crazy thing was, the vast majority of the audience were 30-somethings. Not teenagers. We really didn't see that coming. Is that the demographic that Glee appeals to? I always thought they made the show for high schoolers. Right?

And then you know how at the end of Loser Like Me at regionals, they "slushie the crowd" with confetti? They did that at the end of this show too. It was pretty cool:

Overall, it was an extremely fun show. It was entertaining throughout, partly because the music was great, mostly because it was so cool to see all the characters in real life. If you like glee at all, you should get tickets to Glee Live 2011.

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