Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recycle your Phone Booths

I was wandering around the Bronx today when I ran into a community "Go Green" party. Everyone was wearing green shirts, they had a bouncy castle, music, and food. It was pretty cool. But the one thing I thought was really cool were these chairs:

They said they had found everything in a junk yard, cleaned it up, and put it all together. So the one on the left would be a car seat, and the right one is totally out of recycled phone booths.

So if you started feeling bad for phone booths, as I have, because no one ever uses them any more and they're so lonely because we all have cell phones now, don't worry. Phone booths are getting some love again. These kids each took turns sitting in it.

I feel like there should be words down here. Nothing important. I just didn't feel right about ending a post on a picture. Like you need some parting thoughts. Soo.... Recycle your phone booths.

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