Friday, May 20, 2011

I Do (Forever)

Once upon a time,
a handsome prince and a beautiful princess fell in love...
and this is their story.

They flirted and dated and laughed so elated 
  and fell even deeper in love. 
They sang and they danced (it was quite a romance!) 
  it's the stuff fairy tales are made of.
And soon, yes, you guessed it. Her hand he requested.
It was poetic and sweet, so lovely indeed.
  Without all that razzle and dazzle.
She said, Yes! I will! And boy was he thrilled!
  And they married in New York's own Palace.
And never will there be a happier pair,
  The smiles on their faces will tell us.

But something was said, that stuck in their heads
  They married, "til death do you part."
But that's not good enough for a fairy tale love.
  No, death could not tear them apart.
Now our couple knew, and you should learn too,
  that life does not end when we die.
Families continue, and friendships will too.
  No, death's not a final good-bye.
True love will transcend, and last past the end
  It will never die, no, not ever.
So why should their vows be not allowed
  to go on with them for forever?

With prayer and research, they knew of a church
  that claimed to contain the authority
To marry and "seal" two lovers who kneel
  in the Temple for all of eternity.
Now this sounded great! So they set a date,
  and their love continued to grow.
And soon it was real, and they sealed the deal
  on a spring morning in San Diego.

On the 19th of May, on a bright sunny day,
  in a temple, majestic and pretty,
Our prince and princess, clothed all in white dress,
  were sealed for all time and eternity.

Just like a fairy tale castle, huh?
Princess Isa
Prince Brian

...happily ever after
Yay! :)

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  1. This kinda got me teary eyed! I couldn't be happier for you two.

  2. Congratulations!! I'm so so so happy for you! You're together for ever and ever and ever and ever and that is the best thing I've heard all day. I love it!


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