Monday, May 16, 2011

New Camera!!!

Isa and I have been looking for an excuse to buy a new digital SLR for a long time. Since before we got married, actually. But we could never justify spending that much money, no matter how badly we really wanted one. And oh, how we wanted one (for the right effect, say that longingly and stare slightly off into the distance).

Well, our prayers/dreams/wishes were granted. Behold, the Canon Rebel XS Digital SLR:

Doesn't it just make you smile?
In addition to the award-winning quilt (I'll put a link as soon as I write about that) that Mary Anne (my step-mom) made us for a wedding present, they (my dad and Mary Anne) wanted to give us something more for our wedding. And boy did they ever! They're buying a new camera (if you can believe it, an upgrade from this one), so they gave us this one. GAVE IT TO US!

I've had a Canon Rebel 2000 for over a decade, and this is pretty much an exact digital version of that one, so I know how to use all the aperture/shutter/manual settings already. And we are beyond stoked. Like, completely beside ourselves and giddy excited. I don't think we've ever said "thank you" more times in a 10-minute period ever before in our lives.

So we can take pictures like this now:

I realize that I took that with my point-and-shoot camera, but I can only do that on "flower" mode. What is that? Macro? Super-macro? Whatever. The point is, the SLR can blur the background in any mode. And I love that. And hello 30-second exposures again! My Olympus' night mode is a whopping 4-second exposure. :(

And just in time for our trip to Las Vegas and San Diego. Have we told you that yet? We're going on vacation tomorrow. Yeah. Woohoo!!

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