Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We Bought a Car!!

When we came to Salt Lake City, we decided that we would not buy a car. We live a block from Trax, which takes me directly to Sandy (where I work). It’s about an hour commute when you include walking time and taking the bus from the station in Sandy, but it is much less expensive than paying for gas and insurance, and it gives me time to work on homework or write these blogs. :) We assumed that all the graphic design jobs for Isa would be downtown, like they are in New York. Nobody would ever set up a “cool” job like graphic design out in one of the outer boroughs. That just doesn’t make sense. So we figured it would be the same here and that she’d be able to take Trax as well.

Not the case.

All of the design jobs Isa could find were somewhere down in the valley. Not a single one here in the city. So she found a job that she starts Monday (I’ll blog about that after she starts it) and it’s down in Draper, which is farther than Trax currently goes.

So we had to buy a car.

We went through my friend Jason (mission companion, college roommate, Cambodia travel buddy, etc. Yeah, we go way back) who is now the General Sales Manager at Larry H. Miller Provo. We told him we wanted something small with great gas mileage. Those were pretty much our only criteria, and he delivered:

2008 Chevy Aveo 5

It’s a 2008 Chevy Aveo 5. We love it. It’s fun to drive and it fits our needs perfectly. We really felt guilty about buying a car (because we want to be environmentally friendly and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, especially because we do enough damage by traveling all the time) but now that we have it, we don’t feel as bad as we thought we would. Actually, we’re really happy we did it. Yes, it was a necessity, but it really is nice to have that freedom.

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  1. You shouldn’t regret purchasing the things that you like. It’s also important that we reward ourselves once in a while. Just don’t forget to be a responsible owner and driver, okay? Anyway, is this your first car?

    -Sara Anthony

  2. The Aveo 5 hatchback! :D I love the color. My current car is a silver Hyundai Tucson. I’m looking forward to buying a small car soon. Well, for personal use. :) This time though, I’d go for a darker color scheme.

  3. I do believe it was necessary for you guys to buy a car. At some point, you're gonna find yourself in a situation where you need to go to somewhere in such short notice. Like a friend’s wedding or a family reunion. At least you guys wouldn't have to carry your bags all the time and you'll have a very comfortable time during your trip.

    Ellsworth Mciltro


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